Saturday, March 15, 2014

My Journey to Kripalu

Virgo moon, evacuation and my journey to Kripalu

Tomorrow we shift into Virgo the moon of humility and surrendering to a power greater than ourselves so that we can let go of control and be more trusting.  This is why I am leading a restorative Yoga workshop, complete surrender in the body helps the mind and emotions.  A time of trust and effortless enjoyment in the journey, even if it throws you surprises that challenge your very essence....below I share a reflection from the most challenging experience of my life where I had to surrender.

My evacuation from Peace Corps Bangladesh was this month 8 years ago, and I am still deeply moved by my time there...this is from a piece I wrote after being evacuated:
The process of reflection is bittersweet like a piece of fruit picked too ripe that puckers up your face then after time becomes sweet like a perfect dessert. I am still in the bitter stage. Feeling bewildered…I am saddened by the things that I put off because I had ‘time’. I always told myself I have two years, I have time, there’s no rush.  But there was no time in the end when the end came, the time was taken away. My feelings about Bangladesh played through the speakers in my home last night as the words of Tracy Chapman floated through the air. 

I’ve seen spirits
I’ve met angels
I’ve touched creations beautiful and wondrous
I’ve been places where I question all I think I know
But I believe
I believe this could be heaven…….
If we have faith in humankind
And respect for what is earthly
And an unfaltering belief in peace and love and understanding
This could be heaven on earth

If you want to read more this will link you to my 1st blog


Kripalu...While living in Bangladesh it was a tumultuous time for the country and what helped to get me thru the hartal (strikes) when we had to stay indoors for days was two Yoga DVD's Shiva Rea and Ashtanga. When I was evacuated I took my first trip to Kripalu Center for Yoga to train with Shiva, it was life changing.  I went back years later to live there and volunteer and now I am blessed to be returning to teach and lead a workshop, what an amazing circle.  Joined with dear friend and a lover for service and living Yoga Nadine McNeil we hope you will join us for this powerful experience.

Remember....put nothing in your life off for later.  Live this day fully.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

I have found Inner Peace

It was there all along, it took a moment in Paradise to reconnect

As I stood at the edge of the ocean tears poured down my face, returning home to their mother.  The immense joy I felt at that moment ravished my whole being and I crumbled into her arms, the sand held me and the breeze whispered into my are home. The peace within myself was alive again, there waiting for me patiently.  My time in Jamaica is a time for healing, a time to connect with myself in nature and slow down the busy distractions of my mind, society and roles.  I found a deep well of creativity that moved me to not only stand back up, but begin to dance, the waves moved with me and I became one with myself.  

This moment at Jamaica Inn changed me, as todays New Moon in watery Pisces teaches us to follow our hearts desire and let our dreams and imagination carry us into a new reality.  Pisces moon asks us to take responsibility for our own behaviors as a conscious community, a sacred tribe of mindful beings who desire that peace within and will actively became change catalysts in society.  Bring your heart and mind into alignment and see the 'impossible' become possible.  Remember the example of Mahatma Gandhi, BE the CHANGE you WANT to SEE.

I am grateful to be sharing with you that I will be hosting the first ever Yoga Retreat at Jamaica Inn this September.  Beginning with the auspicious Autumn EquinoxSeptember 23rd, enjoying the New Moon positive energy and closing with the end of National Yoga Month.  This All inclusive experience will offer the balancing energies of luxury with nature, of practice in peace and simplicity within elegance.  It's time.

With Humble Love and a Peaceful Smile I wish you New Moon Blessings All ways,

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Let us Begin! Forgetful one, get up!  It’s dawn, time to start searching.  Open your wings and lift.  Give like the blacksmith Even breath to the bellows.  Tend the fire that changes the shape of metal.  Alchemical work begins at dawn, As you walk out to meet the Friend.   -Lalla (Coleman Barks translator)

Full Moon Blessings!
Something changed when I woke up this morning, I could sense it very clearly.  Experiencing this Full Moon in Cancer, watery, emotions, sensitivity and turning in.   I am grateful to be connected to my Prana Flow community right now sharing in the pathways of Flow with my teacher Shiva Rea.  As we began at the root today I felt as though I was returning home to the root of my practice.  The lotus flower has been a source of inspiration for me as I was gifted two different lotus flowers this year by dear friends.  To me this is an invitation.  Yes to be vulnerable and also strong, soft like the petals but courageous to push out of the mud.  

Connecting to tribe and community is very important to me.  This is why I return to Jamaica so often, that is a very powerful part of my tribe, my dharma.  The island has a magnetic energy that dives deep within.  I am eternally grateful to this path I am on and the teachings I come across.  


Fogetful one, get up

Monday, October 21, 2013

Illusion creates Confusion

Today Monday Oct 21, 2013 begins the Retrograde of the Planet Mercury until Nov 10. We throw this term around as an easy scape goat for our problems, mishaps and challenges. The planet does not ACTUALLY move in the opposite direction however, it APPEARS to. Not that many of us gaze up at the stars and find this planet moving differently (liken it to when you are driving next to an 18 wheeler on the highway and feel as though you are going backwards). You are not going backwards, or slower, your surroundings have impacted your experience. When Mercury is in Retrograde we experience challenges in our aspects of communication, contracts, plans and organizing. Although a burden if traveling or making major decisions this time is a blessing for moving inward; meditation and self reflection. Imagine if we could slow the orbit of our life down? So how does the illusion of this planet effect you? YOU decide. By becoming aware of our surroundings we are able to make better decisions. Being informed means we can plan or as my dear friend Kayla says 'set ourselves up for success'. A simple example is looking up the weather forecast to wear boots or bring sun glasses. Mercury Retrograde offers us the information to move slowly, speak and share our opinions mindfully and prepare to be patient when faced with challenges. If only every planet offered us this information. I am moving into a sweet place as I prepare for a month of gratitude. November. My birth month. In Peace and Rebelism! Sienna

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Thank you Silence

When Happiness exists within me I want to share it with the world, I want to laugh and dance and play with the Universe. This joy, this bliss is something that I desire to share and celebrate with everyone around me. When sorrow is within me I tuck it away, it sneaks out it tears, in lines imprinted on my forehead, in thoughts I would never share. What is the difference? Neither are real. Both are creations of my own mind, my idea of reality, my view and projections of myself living in the world. Honestly when I am with both sensations alone the sadness feels good when it comes up and out, it turns into happiness. This is something I cannot explain. But the freedom felt when shedding a tear is more healing than any deep tissue massage, the space felt when sitting in silence is deeply soothing, these are the moments I sit with my teacher. She whispers to me, comforts me and offers nourishment in her peaceful space. My teacher celebrates the joy, and shares in the sorrow, knowing both will pass and is not attached to any thoughts or actions that these feelings create. Tonight I sat in the darkness, surrounded by candles, I let what needed to release come up and out, I sat longer, the sensations shifted again, what a journey this stillness brings. Dear teacher, thank you for being present, right here and now.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Childs pose is a way to ground, to connect to the earth and let yourself be nourished. It is not only an option but an offering that melts the heart and belly and rests the mind. Childs pose is innocence, the pure nature of returning to that seed of potential to grow once more. TO grow into whatever being, human being you can imagine and beyond. Sit in that place and marinate, germinate, contemplate all that is possible and never stop. Never stop kneeling down to life and the force of nature that surrounds us, flows thru us, emanatse from us. Never stop taking that moment, Childs Pose. The sweet nectar of Amrita, pouring down tingling the nape of your neck as your breathe. There you can smile along with your inner child, you can cry along with your soul, you can laugh at the insane and mundane and offer your breath to whatever God it is that leads you on your path. Childs pose is Yours. Take it, enjoy it, Be it.
Photo by Sabriya Simon

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

“Your hand opens and closes, opens and closes. If it were always a fist or always stretched open, you would be paralysed. Your deepest presence is in every small contracting and expanding, the two as beautifully balanced and coordinated as birds' wings.” Rumi

This Full Moon in Libra is potent, the partnering with the Solar energy of Aries (self) and Libra (other).  I find myself opening to life here finally.  It has taken me three months to find a groove, to get around without map quest, and to settle into my balanced breath.

My concentration on a balanced inhalation (self) and exhalation (other) is much like what we are all facing in our relationships at this time.  Nourishing ourselves whether it is on the mat, with a healthy meal, or even dare I say a shopping splurge.  Also creating to the time to be present for the others in your life.  Sitting and listening without checking your smartphone, going out of your way to visit and give them your unconditional love.  

It has almost been a year since the move out of Kingston, Marley Road, Shakti and all that I knew.  WHAT a whirlwind of excitement.  I find myself preparing to Manage a studio in MA: Drive Yoga Studio and am deeply grateful for the opportunity to create.  This Studio will be part of a health and fitness center and I cannot wait to share in wellness, nutrition and all of the things that make me so passionate about living Yoga.  We are opening soon so if you are in the area...get in touch!

Please reach out through the site, check out upcoming workshops and teachers contact me about hosting!  Let the synergy continue as we find balance within and share in our presence of contraction and expansion.